Your Breakthrough Is Here

Sexual assault leaves negative impacts on body, mind and spirit. Because of the silence about sexual assault, most people attempt to deal with these impacts by themselves but don’t know how to get the breakthroughs they need.

If this is you, perhaps you have the tendency to settle for little in your life – relationships, career, finances, education, degree of happiness and personal fulfillment. Less than you deserve.  

When your sense of safety has been ripped from you, it is common to limit your success, visibility and intimacy not wanting to draw too much attention to yourself. Unconsciously, you believe, if “they” see me, “they” will hurt me. 

Now is the time to take back your life.  

The Taking Back My Life!™ Program

  • Module 1 - Visioning Beyond Limits

    Provides you the tools to identify specific areas of your life where you are not fully satisfied, the patterns of self-sabotaging and self-limiting that keep you stuck, and a process to gain greater clarity about what you truly want and deserve for your life fulfillment.

  • Module 2 - Impacts of Sexual Assault

    Debunks myths about sexual assault and provides important information and helpful insights about common impacts, including coping mechanisms consciously and unconsciously developed to keep you safe but that can keep you stuck in fear, guilt and shame.

  • Module 3 - Identifying and Rewriting Narratives

    Introduces you to how socialization, life experiences and trauma contribute to the narratives -- expectations and explanations about life -- that you have “written” about your life and helps rewrite narratives to support you in your life fulfillment.

  • Module 4 - Emotional Anchors and Triggers

    Helps you understand and strengthen your emotional system -- that is, what helps you feel grounded, safe, loved, special and ready for the world -- and your emotional triggers -- that is, how you respond when your emotional system becomes overwhelmed or challenged.

  • Module 5 - Truth about Trusted Abusers

    Helps you understand and heal from the emotional trauma that results from sexual assaults by a family member, spiritual leader, teacher or other person you trusted and the compounded betrayal by those who tried to silence you when you told the truth.

  • Module 6 - Strategies for Thriving

    Integrates empowerment and healing strategies introduced in all materials and helps you to develop the tools for healthy relationship boundaries that honor you and support your life vision and how to use forgiveness as a tool for your freedom.

Taking Back My Life!™ will help you to:

  • Identify and transform beliefs and narratives that limit your fulfillment and happiness
  • Envision and realize your life on purpose and in power
  • Recognize and break through your patterns of self-sabotage
  • Reclaim inner power to live your life with fierce love
  • Claim respect for your full human dignity

Taking Back My Life!™ is an online life transformation program for individuals who have experienced sexual assault and who are ready to reclaim their fullest authenticity, personal power and happiness.

I am a survivor of multiple sexual assaults. So I have done a lot of reflection, prayer, therapy and more to help myself understand and heal from the impacts of those assaults.

Begin Your Journey Today

Self-paced modules, "drop-in" support groups, and online community

For almost 20 years, the Taking Back My Life!™ teams have facilitated small groups of participants ages 18 to 75 in their healing, empowerment and transformation. We have journeyed with hundreds and hundreds of women and men. Now, Taking Back My Life!™ has adapted that small group experience to an online format so that greater numbers of sexual assault survivors to heal and reclaim their power. 

I developed Taking Back My Life!™ in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks. As a pastor then, I journeyed with many sexual assault survivors as the feelings of unsafety and helplessness overwhelmed them. As multiple crises are happening now, feelings of unsafety might be triggered in your life.

Taking Back My Life!™ provides confidential facilitated online groups, self-paced activities, and access to valuable resources to support you in reclaiming and reconnecting with your personal power.